Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I just saw MAGIC

Time for a magic show I got to watch today. I am embarrassed to show you this photo. It is the inside of my refrigerator. Something spilled behind the drawer and it dried on. Who knows how long it was there. And then, I went to clean the drawer one day and I pulled it out and I saw the horror of this dark brown GOOP. And I scrubbed at it with 409 and it did not budge. I did not want to use anything too harsh, I mean, I didn't want the odors and chemicals around all my food. So I stuck the drawer back in the fridge and figured I'd think on it awhile. And time goes on. And I forgot about it. Until a few days ago when it was time to clean out the drawers again and I saw it. And then I saw a post on Crunchy Betty's website about oven cleaner. And I thought... if  it will work on ovens, surely it'll work on my refrigerator. So I mixed up a batch, crossed my fingers, and prepared myself for some elbow work.

Yeah, it is VERY ugly. Shudder!
And I sprinkled some baking soda like she (Crunchy Betty) said to do. But I'm not patient and did not leave it overnight. Maybe 5 minutes. And then I used the oven cleaner and MAGIC happened. There was no elbow grease. It was like wiping up a puddle of water. It just wiped up like... well MAGIC. I'm not even exaggerating here. I was so excited I wanted to clean the entire fridge except that I was too excited and had to take a second picture and come blog about it and then clean the rest of the fridge later. Which I now know I won't have to dread (except for moving all the food out, which is a pain) but the shelves and everything are gonna just wipe down like a breeze.

Magic Deep Cleaner
(for use on ovens and really sticky refrigerator messes. Please check out Crunchy Betty's website, she's got a wealth of info on there about natural beauty products and products for your home.)

1 tbsp borax
1/2 cup vinegar
1/8 cup dish soap (I used liquid castile)
1 cup boiling water

Mix all ingredients together and put in a spray bottle or a bowl. I didn't have an empty spray bottle so I put mine in a bowl and dipped my towel in it. Sprinkle the messiest parts with baking soda and then spray the Magic Spray and wipe up. Simple.

UPDATE: I have used this several times. I don't usually even bother with boiling the water. It works GREAT. It even removes soap scum without any hard scrubbing.

The after:
Yes, this was the same refrigerator!

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