Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's For Dinner at My House: Spaghetti with Liver (?!??!)

Why in the world would I make spaghetti with liver? Well, liver is a super nutrient dense food.

It can help boost energy, libido, muscle growth, brain power and general health. Liver is an abundant source of nutrients difficult to obtain elsewhere such as vitamin A, arachidonic acid, DHA and the B vitamins. (from Chris Masterjohn)

Sign me up! So right now, I've been trying to include a bit of liver in any dish that I make with ground beef. I've used it in chili, spaghetti meat sauce and in meatballs. Liver is a strong flavor that takes getting used to. To me it is sort of an earthy kind of flavor. So for dinner in my house tonight we had a typical meal of Spaghetti with Meat Sauce.... the only difference from a lot of spaghetti's being served up was the addition of liver!


  1. Hmmmm....that's all I can say right now.....

  2. Did your girls notice any difference in the taste? And how do you buy the liver...fresh? Or ground?

    The only time I've ever eaten liver was when I did a study abroad in Russia, and they served it frequently, as a "patty". It was one of the few things I just couldn't eat! :) But I'm willing to try again! :)

  3. The girls did not notice the taste, I think I could have added a bit more to the dish than I did. Try to buy liver from a pasture raised (not conventional grocery store)cow. You can find pasture raised meat at Whole Foods, Sprouts and a lot of farmers markets. Liver from a pasture cow is REALLY, REALLY good for you! (Liver from pasture chickens too!)

  4. Oh I forgot to add, I bought the liver whole and minced it as fine as I could. Pureeing it in a food processor would be good too.


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