Monday, April 6, 2009

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Yesterday, I got the craving for the Chicken Lettuce Wraps that P.F. Chang (or Pei Wei) makes. There is something about the flavor profile that just has you eating more and more. So, I created some Chicken Lettuce Wraps out of the ingredients I already had in my pantry and refrigerator. Like I said, I had the PF Chang Wraps in mind when I made this, but this is not meant to be a "copy" recipe. This is what I created with the PF Chang wraps as an inspiration point. This recipe isn't for the beginner cook, as I didn't measure anything as I was creating. Sorry! But here is a basic list of ingredients. In order to keep it on the lighter side, I used half vegetables and half chicken.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Boneless skinless chicken breast
Sugar snap peas
Mushrooms (lots and lots)
Water chestnuts
Iceberg lettuce for the wraps

Cooking Sauce:
Rice wine vinegar
Soy sauce
Hoisin Sauce
Oyster Sauce
Grated ginger
Seasame oil (just a drizzle, this stuff is strong!)
Sambal (Asian chile sauce)

Diping Sauce:
Soy sauce
Rice Wine Vinegar
Lime juice
Sesame oil
Water (to thin it out)

Mince your chicken breasts. If you start with partially frozen chicken breasts, you will find it much easier to mince. You want everything in this recipe to be a basic uniform size and as small as possible. Chop all of your vegetables and set them aside. Prepare cooking sauce, set aside.

In a wok or large skillet, sautè chicken after applying cooking spray. When chicken is about half way cooked, add all the veggies at once. Stir and continue cooking on high heat. Pour over cooking sauce and cook for an additional couple of minutes. Stirring continuously. Spoon some of the filling in an ice berg lettuce leaf. Drizzle on the dipping sauce. Fold over and enjoy!

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