Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Cheer-Encouraged by Vodka.

Holiday parties are a-coming. I like to offer seasonal holiday beverages. Drinking with a theme seems classier. After college I moved to San Diego. My whole family lives on the East Coast. Because of this my holidays usually included close friends rather than family. To that effect I began to create my own holiday party traditions. I will share with you the most fun: The Apple Cider Martini. The schedule was usually wine and appetizers, meal and wine, then dessert and Apple Cider Martinis. Delicious, simple, and makes any party a rockin' party!

Apple Cider Martini

2 parts Apple Cider
1 part Vodka

Place vodka and cider in martini shaker with several ice cubes and shake well.
Strain ice out and pour into martini glasses with cinnamon-sugar rim.
If you cannot obtain apple cider, "Simply Apple" juice works well as a substitute.

Cinnamon Sugar Rim

Mix equal amounts cinnamon and sugar. Pour onto plate. Use a lemon slice to moisten rim of martini glass. Dip rim in cinnamon and sugar so that the rim is evenly covered.

Warning: Serve these only after you have finished cooking. I cannot recommend using the stove or handling hot dishes while drinking these tasty martinis. Trust me. Please.


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