Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fish Sandwich

I have to admit, the following "recipe" is more of a dinner suggestion, or idea and much less of a recipe. The simple fact is that I'm not sure how long I cooked the fish. I started to bake it at 350º but then noticed it was not browning, so I bumped up the temp to 425º. That wasn't working either. So, I put it on the top rack, turned on the broiler and finally got the correct results. I wanted a crispy oven "fried" fish. I think my problem was I used frozen fish that I defrosted. It was too water logged (even after blotting with a paper towel.) If I try this meal again (and it ended up being tasty so I probably will!) I'll use fresh fish. I still want to write it down, because it is a good idea, and that's what my blog is mostly about.

Fish Sandwich

2 pieces of cod or other firm fish (apparently, like I said, fresh will work best)
1/2 cup oatmeal
1/4 cup all purpose flour
salt & pepper
fish seasoning (I used one called Chesapeake Bay)
1 egg
dash of milk
2 buns
tartar sauce

In a small bowl, whisk egg, milk and some salt and pepper. In a food processor (or magic bullet!) pulse oatmeal a few times to grind it to smaller pieces. Mix it in a bowl with the flour, seasoning and salt and pepper. Pat fish dry. Place in egg mixture, let it drip off, place in flour mixture. Cover, and dust off excess. Repeat for a double coating. Place on a cookie sheet that you spray with cooking spray. Repeat with second fillet. Spray both fillets with cooking spray and broil(?) until the fish is browned and flaking apart. Put on bun with tartar sauce. Serves 2.

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