Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cook Book

I'm super excited! I've been asked to participate in a Community Fund-raising Cookbook for my local Mothers of Multiples club: PAMOM! I can enter up to 5 recipes (and you know I will!) in categories including: appetizers, soups, veggie, sides, main dishes, this & that (homemade art supplies for example), and baby & toddler foods.

I know I want to enter in the this & that category the homemade finger paint recipe and a homemade playdoh recipe (I still need to post that one to the blog!) I figure this category will be light on entries so I want to contribute. I also would like to add at least one toddler meal.

My question to you, dear readers... what is your favorite dish that you've had (or wanted to try) off of The Frickin Chicken? Please leave a comment and the favorite dishes I'll select to add to the PAMOM cookbook!

Thanks everyone!


  1. definitely your tortilla soup! It's super!


  2. I think you should include your chicken enchilada recipe... even though you haven't yet posted it here yet. It is a winner!

    As for toddler friendly food I think you should submit your savory pancakes; it is a great way to get extra veggies in their faces. AND that photo of Izzie stuffing her face with one covered in cream cheese is precious! But the healthy rice crispy treats are awesome as are the toddler granola bars.

    Do you get to submit 5 recipes for each category or 5 total? If you asked me, you could do more than 5 with just your inventive toddler foods.


  3. Hey Amanda. I wasn't sure where to post this since you aren't on babyfit I'll just leave you a note here :) Anyway, I was making dinner last night and the recipe just sounded so "you." It's Chicken with Pecan Cream...the cream is made by pureeing toasted pecans, water and salt to make a cream; served over pasta and sauteed chicken. If you are interested in the recipe let me know by leaving me a note on my blog (livslittleblog.blogspot). Thanks for your wonderful recipes!


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