Saturday, April 2, 2011

What's For Dinner at My House: Toddler Hors d'œuvres

We had a fairly big lunch today, followed by a late snack. I wasn't anywhere near hungry so I made up a quick plate of toddler hors d'œuvres. A few grapes, cubes of cheese, black berries, nuts (already eaten before I photographed it) and deviled eggs made a quick dinner. Presented on a fun tray in the toy room while they are allowed to play while eating(!?!) made it a special treat instead of a boring and sparse looking dinner. 


  1. Love the awesome tray :) O, and the deviled eggs...they're always a treat!

  2. Our girls recently learned the word "appetizer". It cracked me up when they were talking about our "appetizer" when we ate dinner in a restaurant last week...they just seemed so grown-up! :)

    That's the only time they've ever had the context of chips and salsa, or in that case, chips with spinach-artichoke dip...and they're rather big fans. :)


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