Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hoşaf-Refreshingly Delicious

This dish can be considered a drink, a dessert or a side. Hoşaf (horshaf) is actually a compote or stewed fruit dish. It can be made with a variety of fruits such as dried raisins, apricots, plums, pears etc. It is fairly low in calories, which makes it a nice treat when you are craving something sweet. My fiance's father used to drink it in his youth, before Coca-Cola was in vogue. This drink is incredibly refreshing, especially when it is hot out. This is also traditionally served as a side with Börek.

Seriously--Make this! It is one of my favorite dishes. I actually have some in the fridge as we speak. I like it for late night snacking, it doesn't make me feel guilty, but satisfies that craving for sugar.


4 cups of Dried fruits (mostly Apricots but it is nice to add dried plums)
Rinse fruit thoroughly.
Boil 8-10 cups (or so) of water to a roiling boil.
When it is boiling dump your dried fruit in the water and shut off the heat.

Let the fruit sit out in the water until the water cools. Once the water has cooled put the pan in the fridge. Wait at least a day before eating the hoşaf, don't worry about using it all up. The longer the hoşaf sits the tastier it becomes. You could ad sugar (this should be done when the water is hot) but I think it is unnecessary.
I prefer a main component of apricots with some plums thrown in, the apricots release their sugar more than the plums do so you end up with a sweeter juice.


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