Sunday, September 16, 2012

My House is For Sale!

Taking a moment away from my blog to share some exciting news. My husband just got a job in Washington, just across from Portland, OR and so we are moving from Texas up to Washington! I wanted to share the listing and hope you spread the word that my house is for sale. It's an awesome floorplan, with beautiful, mostly private views. It's 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms + office + gameroom, walk in pantry and large closets in all the bedrooms.

The official listing with lots of photos and a walk through video is here:

Please check it out and send it to any friends you know who are thinking of moving!


  1. Hey, any update on the sale? The video was genius! It really showcased the house well. I’ve seen the effort of de-cluttering you’ve done. The gradual zoom in and zoom out worked in getting attention, my attention at the very least. :) Good luck!

    Lakisha ^.^

  2. Have you sold this house? How was the experience so far? Anyway, I’ve seen the video of your house, and I think it has a great potential to be sold quickly. Let me know if you’ve already sold the house. Thanks! ->Romana Priolo


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