Friday, May 1, 2009

Grilled Corn on the Cob

I’ll admit it, I’m not usually a big fan of corn unless it’s in chip form. I don’t mind it in things, like soup, but as a side dish, meh. If there’s canned corn in my house, it’s likely the first thing I’ll donate to the food pantry.

Grilled corn on the cob is the big exception. And now that spring is here, beautiful cobs are starting to show up at the markets for reasonable prices. I grabbed a few ears and slathered them up for the grill. By the end of dinner, not a kernel was left. We did have to do a lot of flossing though.

Grilled Corn on the Cob

1-However Many Ears of Corn
½ Tbsp. Margarine or Butter (per Ear)
Seasoning to Taste (see below)

Shuck the corn, leaving the stem in place for easy handling. Remove the silks by rubbing a toothbrush along the kernels in the opposite direction (tip to stem). This will remove most everything, and anything left will burn off from the heat of the grill.

Now for the messy part: use your hands to rub the butter all over the ear of corn (make sure you washed up first!). Sprinkle on your seasoning of choice. Recommendations: dill, cumin, or my personal favorite – Cajun spice.

Place on your grill over medium high heat until the kernels start to blacken. Alternatively, you can roast the corn in an oven (400◦ for 30-40 minutes). If you don’t like the blackened grill marks, either wrap the corn in foil or shuck the corn without removing the husks (bend them back) and fold them back over after the corn is buttered and seasoned. The husks will blacken and burn, but the corn won’t.

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  1. Julie- Those cobs look delicious! I love all the grill marks, yummy!


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